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tv   Farah  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2017 9:00am-10:01am AST

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years old and counting when you told me that people like bees and you receive these you think that you want to be thing a person of seventy five there's something about this area that is helping young geraghty of life i mean organic here is not a trend here is what you have and don't have. although they are saying and. then last. techno at this time on all disease. and i'm down george with a quick reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera mean must leader has given her first speech on the violence against the range of people in her country she can bend human rights abuses in the violence taking place in rakhine state that address follows widespread criticism for her failure to condemn the ethnic cleansing of
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range of muslims there has been much concern around the world with regard to the situation. it is not the intention of the government to apportion blame or to ethnic gauge responsibility we condemn all human rights violations and unlawful violence we are committed to the restoration of peace stability and rule of law throughout the state the security forces have been instructed to strictly to the code of conduct in carrying out security operations to exercise all due respect trained and to take measures to avoid collateral damage and the harming of innocent . civilians while james gomez is the amnesty international regional director for southeast asia he says important questions still remain following suit the dress. it almost came across that she was shooting the military i mean what is the role of
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the military here if she says that you know no sort of i troll you know attacks. since the fifth down on the ground in rakhine state but why why is that running going on this has to be investigated and the issues of the land mines in the border . incident of you know disappeared young boys and men. can we hold the military accountable is there going to be impunity so who's supplying them can we can we hold those countries accountable what are the planned activities of the militaries with them in my military so that portion you know has not been to play the u.s. president donald trump has made his debut at the united nations reversing his criticism of the global organization says the u.s. will help with reforming the u.n.
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to make it stronger and more effective trump will deliver a much anticipated speech on tuesday where he's expected to address north korea's nuclear program one in new york the u.s. president also warned his venezuelan counterpart to further action as he was told democracy you accuse president maduro of inflicting terrible misery and suffering on his people this corrupt regime destroyed a thriving nation by imposing a failed ideology that has produced poverty and despair everywhere it has been tried to make matters worse. has defied his own people stealing power from their elected representatives to preserve his disastrous rule. the venezuelan people are starving the united states has taken important steps to hold the regime accountable we are prepared to take further action if the government of venezuela persist on a path to imposing authoritarian rule on the venezuelan people
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the fourth major atlantic hurricane of the year has plowed into the small caribbean island of dominique as a category five storm hurricane maria had maximum sustained winds of two hundred sixty kilometers an hour when it made landfall dominic as prime minister was one of those who had to be rescued one man's been killed off a shot so far during a pro kurdish independence event in quetta crude kurdish leaders about to hold the pendants referendum later this month despite a ruling by iraq supreme court to suspend it. come on to some u.s. about kurdish forces in syria say they're ready to fight government troops if they enter their territory syrian regime forces crossed to the eastern side of the euphrates today arizona on monday that's in iraq claimed by the s.d.f. its troops battling eisel on the french company providing the voting system for the october seventeenth rerun of kenya's election says the equipment will not be ready in time incumbent president a who're kenyatta's or with election but she was none of fide by the supreme court which cited irregularities well those are the headlines the
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news continues here on al-jazeera to al-jazeera world that's a little better. it's ten a.m. in the morning in san diego california and a major brand is starting on a journey halfway across the globe to cars are palestine.
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the reason for a trip is a seven year old girl named fire. fighter i was only three years old when i first met her in the most challenging circumstances. if i was injured in a bomb attack on our home in hostile and her bad crossed with a mild leading to a relationship that can be given no name. yet among find herself on a plane bound for gaza a difficult journey to a dangerous destination something perhaps only a mother could do for her child. my name is farheen omar and like ahmad i also live in san diego when i met some years ago and decided to follow her story i had no idea it would lead to this extraordinary journey fighter live with her
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family in a small town called bit on the outskirts of gaza fatah is on the border with israel . and in two thousand and nine during a military attack on a car czar called operation cast lead a phosphorus shell it fires home. there were a barrel by the wide body the mother was the seriously wanted. everyone. in all my mother i know when i was. injured were here. so just mental. we think this is going to be somebody we hear. on the other one you know how it will make their way out of.
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this. always there's something good from the first one. so that it was asking if you look at the still. maybe get it man outside. an american on denies ation called palestine children really find was successful in bringing fire out to san diego for free treatment. and we went that door at the cia meeting and they were discussing gas coming to the united states i called the m. the next day and dad told her that i would like to host and you know i was there. is a child who was injured on january fourth of this year two thousand and nine during the israeli assault on the gaza strip three of her uncles were killed her mother eventually died having gone to egypt with a child for medical treatment and dying there and most of the family was injured as well including five who suffered significant degree burns all over her body. so the
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family was destroyed basically through grandmother has suffered. a terrible loss her husband was killed three of her sons were killed and one of her daughters was killed so psychologically she's in enormous emotional pain as one can imagine. staying in my limbs trying. to get you know. was there. and she felt uncomfortable and confused first of all from have to go. trip from the. so here go actually on tuesday we have a first appointment with her doctor and he's going to see her for the first time after dad will decide he will decide how many series she gets but absolutely she needs more than one surgery because it's
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a severe burn. we could attack a doctor but he's a skin specialist who volunteered his services to treat kids and luckily he agreed to treat for free. the last i heard of that was just polar. bear which is hurtful because of the stuff and their salary has a value i don't know thirty zero zero. zero and your belongings and understand that almost all more. prosperous than almost you know about it because of starving want to go to shit stirrers are already able to come in early april weeks. you know all the currently living there are so floored out there that it's going to be a tough thing for the expected or retail jobs a little bit of. those you know all you can call some of their birthdays sure you know they've been stuck over. the next time i need to find out she's no longer
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staying with their first host family and has moved in with jubran a retired nurse. insisting. a mile is getting fire ready for her first surgery and i can see that fire has quickly become very comfortable under her care. amal is settled with her family in the us since one thousand nine hundred eighty two but she is originally from haifa a city in northern israel she is christian by feet and arab by ethnicity born in haifa. the oldest of four children. my dad actually is from lebanon protestants causal and from them i went to the high school the greek orthodox high school my decide to be a nurse when i was sixteen see somebody walk into the hospital and he was my sweetheart time and i was busy sixteen hours a day taking care of this patients and he said i'm coming here we get married five
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weeks later we get married and the greater united states i was here in one thousand nine hundred eighty two christmas time i had three kids since my kids grew up i can rely on them to feed themselves i volunteer with a mission of good and bad back i have with them. before thanksgiving. i was at the church when abraham my friend get to me he said did you get to north about there is. a child with a grandma here at. lee's open door i don't care. i prob the child under grandma to my house at the beginning she was stop or if she said she wanted everything there if you told her to pick what she dropped she refused
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and she stand there she wanted all the lights on don't close the door don't turn the lights of don't sleep by herself lucky i can i can feel the difference and some friends come in back visit us from time to time they can tell me she's getting better. the company can. husband and daughter also quickly became involved in taking care of. she was about the third or fourth one we had. but for who was very unique child this letter was she went through all these tragedies she went through pretty much for a love of the for first day we saw her. again. playing the role of father for offer for a hundred whatever she needs and whatever my wife wants for i was very timid when she came here. and i guess the treasure was still fresh in her in her mind. you probably can hear now they're playing on by her probably
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a reminder with the tragedy. and that faded with time as a time progress you get yours or the house you get yours or the family and everybody here and she would feel very comfortable and she became a member of our family went for a first came to us her state of mind at that time she was very maybe isolative and little bit although she was very personable you could tell that she had her guard up she wasn't sure what was to come where she was going to move to move to or what will happen to her the next day very very quickly she became very. open with us she started to smile and to laugh and to be very attached to us as well or you a few days after for our move to our mother's home the grandmother became very ill and had to leave for egypt as a treatment could not be done here leaving find out alone in the care of a man. with her only family member gone i was concerned about how far i would go but when i met her at the time of our first surgery she seemed very content.
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tried a little some ham assistance to your left and she. came you know she is very easy to me. and she of the family. situation she understands you just very small joy to. you explain to her she questions you give her that i have. ninety percent. by the doctors the surgeon ninety percent of her bad skin been removed to have six incision and on her body and they implant the balloon on her back so they can extend the skin method on the first night wasn't a pleasant night for her at all she wake up at the pediatric barrack you screaming crying so they give her some they're caustic to calm her down and we've been doing
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this since then and on my we tried to change her position because every thing is in pain when we try to change your position with vission so she can't face me we moved over the bed and we can't keep holding her hand all night the first couple of weeks was pretty hard. virtually twenty four hour care. medication every six hours to be. all night basically taking care of her. in her medicine and you know she was in pain and to me the somebody there just like going to child. in the in the room after the first surgery she woke up she was calling i guess for her father or somebody in the she was time. so those were the most difficult days i would say and the whole journey is the fact that she had to prepare her for surgery and watch her go through it and then the recovery time is
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always a challenge because of course father has very flexible and running around and energetic so to be confined to a stroller while she recuperates and takes medication is very difficult to see. and she'd love the playground to the water she loves. the sand but she could it she couldn't do any of it she just sat there so that was probably the most heartbreaking time is when i just i'm in a car she just sat there and so i took out the stroller put on my lap and just say when you get better you know we're going to come back and we did it was our only about two weeks later to go back and she finally recognize the difference between you know more better she was telling me and she was showing me how she was walking on both the i tried to teach her to be independent and to trust me the main issue is here trust the trust and don't try to child children can't remember so i never lied to her i made her to trust me and trust my shoulder and i'm my
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husband and we're all faithful to her if we tell her we take you to the mall or to the far east take her to the most of the power. play. with the balloon implanted in her back if i went to the doctor three times to get liquid injected to expand her skin color. and just a very little of the night was very well. written and had you. can see that it was. a. shock. to her it was with the nano you're seeing with the missing plane left. of r.'s zero
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zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero zero. i don't spoil her. i don't make her like she's a special or give her full attention no because it's wrong mama she would. they don't have this. with plan for her health that specter this she can't keep remembering him when the going. yeah yeah. we talk about the airplane she said airplane used to be something it's mom you know we made her think that airplane is for glorification and happy time and i wanted to make her think about that too and that is a good place to go back and hopefully will be
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a good place for her to go and grow up and have her education there. although our model is christian she was mindful often as islamic creed and regularly took her to the mosque for friday prayers. me. do weeks before she was scheduled for a second surgery fine i got an infection and had to be rushed to the hospital and the balloon in her back had to be removed prematurely. turn the heater on. and she stopped walking so over the weekend she was with a friend. i picked up on sunday evening and she was with
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a high fever she refused to take the sufferer have her suffer there. i took it home with pain why i get home like her back and i can see three darts and it's really warm i called up the mother on her we get. he looked at her he said it's infection yesterday and we're going to have a surgeon here here. to see how. this moment so the surgery was afternoon. and i was an. hour and
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a half. they spoke to me and to my husband and they said seventy five seventy five percent skim extern they succeed to do. she doesn't want of this to go home with us we go on. ok three days you feel. more national. woman hope. you. have the. i need to save you. and i'm only shared with them afraid because he said to me. to
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put another to extend then back again in her back it's like oh my god they called to open it and open it was him twice so i'm afraid on that point if they will do their. that's mean we have to go back two months back with her teeth man the war in the way she started was hard for her to walk and do all her activity since thursday have been killing her we have to have to fix her legs doctor holes will take care of care and she'll be ready to go back to the to her home town she is excited for most of the work we're able to do is here the last. and why their release is in and around the race but we weren't able to get a lot more out of here so we were just going to write. really something we could do
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within the next immediate few months here and there we have to wait for it grow and then still straight what needs to be done. to jack namely to hire a smiley face hack him. while working world peace bust out a book it's. made you sure you know what. to. get. the right.
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guy what you want but what i don't like i must admit. it's been very touching to watch her grow to watch her recover and watch her develop i mean she's become our own little person and she's become a part of us so to see a part of you leave is very disheartening especially to know the challenges that she'll face in the future that's very sad as well. muscled you know be a bit difficult you know we got attached or we got mixed feelings you know want to go back to her family we've been through her journey from the day she got here and watching the progress she went through so i'm happy that she's going back on the
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other hand. just like. super formal charge is going to be a little bit of a pain day. after she finished her last surgery and we said we have one surgery to go and then we go to barbara which is her dad. by the time you come into closer and we want you to her to be there before a mother and every time we talk about she is pushing back i don't think she's happy do. i think my mother is very emotionally involved obviously very attached. and a motherly position so i was her primary caregiver as far as i've seen she's going
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to feel a bit of a lot of you know although she's had three children you know i'm being the eldest and she's watching all of us grow and you know the of the nest at one point time just as a little bit of a different element you know this is a child that she actually watched go through trauma go. through surgeries going to recovery develop into a little you know young little nearly everything. it's hard to see child go in l.a. and you know he is not in his safe place you know that is that i can attack and in time even if i were the media doesn't cover what we see in gaza but it's attacking . and their house it's on the border from the windows from the door from the balcony
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you can see a store you can see the areas checkpoint it's easy some sniper is there any sniper can direct shoot to this house and she can be on the steps out on down the should be can be on the window or maybe another bomb can come from the roof and. just you know she is not in a safe place and i'm afraid i'm afraid was for. we all have stories. some that enrich our memories. others that define all futures. in
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a breathtaking new season al-jazeera stuff members open their hearts and invite us into that extraordinary lives al-jazeera correspondent coming soon with its economy stagnant mexico's president implemented drastic and controversial energy reforms mexico's oil oh and by the mexican people for seventy five years is being sold to private international companies. and as with the country's agricultural sector it's exposed to exploitation by profit driven multinational corporations crude harvest at this time on al-jazeera. and this is defo not whether that one thing that's very. true i think it's how you approach. it is a certain way of doing it time to. get a story and fly out. germany's but
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very analogous where stunning scenery is playing host to europe's latest arrivals. separate in origin. they share a common roof and together dream of a german future. welcome to germany café vald left a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera main mosque leader aung sang suu kyi has given her first speech on the violence against the range of people in her country she condemned human rights abuses taking place in rakhine state that address follows widespread criticism failure to condemn the ethnic cleansing of
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range of muslims. there has been much concern around the world with regard to the situation in a kind it is not the intention of the government to apportion blame or to edna gauge responsibility we condemn all human rights violations and unlawful violence we are committed to the restoration of peace stability and rule of law throughout the state. the security forces have been instructed to strictly to the code of conduct in carrying out security operations to exercise all due restraint and to take full measures to avoid collateral damage and the harming of innocent. civilians u.s. president donald trump has made his debut at the united nations reversing his criticism of the global organization he says the u.s. will help with reforming the u.n. to make it stronger and more effective trump will deliver a much anticipated speech to the u.n. on tuesday which is expected to address north korea's nuclear program the fourth
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major atlantic hurricane of the year has plowed into the small caribbean and of domini come as a category five storm hurricane maria had maximum sustained winds of two hundred sixty kilometers an hour when it made landfall because prime minister was one of those who had to be rescued the french company providing the voting system for the october seventeenth rerun of kenya's elections says the equipment will not be ready in time incumbent president who are kenyatta as august election victory was nullified by the supreme court which cited irregularities the firm says it needs to re-install in tom voting system which will be finished for the scheduled. there's been a fourth day of protests in the u.s. city of st louis over the acquittal of a white former police officer for killing a black man at least one hundred twenty people were arrested on sunday evening after a demonstration turned violent protests have been taking place since friday when jason stuckey was found not guilty of the two thousand and eleven shooting of
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anthony smith well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera world statement that's a water bottle. when finally left and i thought i would forget about her after some time but this was not the case i saw my constantly worrying about her well being. a mile and a family had taken care of injured kids before but she always said there was something different something different about firearm almost three years after saying goodbye to find a model here's the possibility of seeing fighting again. it took weeks for permissions to come through but when things were confirmed i called on my immediately to share the news. that remission now we are going to buy the tickets.
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so we are going with a mix of excitement and dread we started the journey from california i don't. want to go to she doesn't. really. like this it's just a few minutes. after a layover in los angeles and in london we finally arrived in cairo late friday evening. in cairo we met up with the organizer off i tripped off i had thought it best to keep our trip a secret from father and her family. do you do in the family your coming no no no no no no no this girl with a quiet place excuse me everything was. in the way of those not in the prison. we were. on our way to
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we crossed this and i peninsula and so s. going to. as we approached the border area between egypt and gaza i saw security vehicles in front and behind our bus to security. off to six hours drive and several rigorous checkpoints a bus and the security vans needed to get off our border. secure. inside that office area cameras are strictly prohibited and we used a discreet cellphone to capture this footage. as an international convoy with prior permissions we waited for three hours to get clearance. for gazans to get through it could take much longer or they may be turned away altogether. thanks to us we got our visa and i could hardly believe we had actually made it. we arrived
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late at a hotel and could not go to me right away she lives near the border with israel and we are cautioned not to enter that way at night. you know it's almost nine years old. and still live thinking about fighting. to live to go see her so i text home oh i didn't see a photo. i don't see a shalom or. early the next morning a mile drive towards photos home. you would think that if this when this happens this is the house you know this is your house when feel when feel i got out when i walked as we approached the house with a family had experienced the huge tragedy in my post started racing. i remembered the front entrance from footage of the bombing. i want to.
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ruin the first. one. larry. this is. the way. i met larry. and. you know it is
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i want to get this really over here and that's. where we are going to do. it again. do you. want. to. miss out on. each other she has to. do this i'm just. going to do with this is. it isn't that just the old. line about. the child. doesn't exist it's. not like. she married. a. few moments ago with a surprise visit had everyone and especially for a in a bit of
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a shock since it was summer vacation everyone was at home quite as step mother her sister and her step sisters childhood and. just. you know the let's just. listen to her. for a stepmother suggested they look at the album that had pictures of fun with them on and her family with the internet. sites that you see you know sometimes it. just. so you just need. it seemed like for i was not remembering and that was tough for i'm on the phone.
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with. her to talk to my mom. i realized at that moment that fire had moved on in her life. she was no longer the little girl our mind had cared for and the most important person in father's life now was her stepmother. and one of the kids i was thought of and we are not. going to ever teriyaki for them but. in the dim and young honeymoon wachter. idea had magic for us father a few months after father's own mother's death in the bombing so i was surprised to see her so i touch too far. i can remember how much been ten million which was that unusual thing. going to our now was job was to me going to her.
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family and is going to happen again i can't i'm not one who are you. her last name which was my show you know most. people harness from the. dogs. i manage them so give me a year to have them contained. so not to get sad because you don't know how horribly you know and. it's a hard time and you will only have. let me. give me. knowing. i had gone up
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so much in the last two and a half years. she was fully aware of the reality of her life and the cause. but it was hard to judge how much fight a member of her time in san diego. was visibly depressed after visiting for honestly i wish i did not but i did and. honestly. in a house full of people she was no longer the only child being cared for by many adults in our most home she was one of four children being cared for by an only mother and lived in an extended family of uncles and cousins and often had chores and taking care of the younger ones i don't know i don't love when you hug them they don't harm back when you just them they don't kiss back. i feel like i don't know. i wasn't happy i tell you. i was excited to come but when i saw the
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situation. now. she's a victim she was a. a minor tried ways to bring back the cheerful little girl who had sung bonny songs and filled her shared with gandhi on her birthday in san diego. richard. ok. ok. ok. ok. all right hole hater so we knew. michael so we'll know. it broke my heart to see almost spain. body language. this is.
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just interest to me students first. but was it really fair to compare photos life in america to fight as life in the cause. and that is exactly what i was doing. but she had opportunity. for the life. better to kish. don't know my right to talk. to me don't know so i don't father was still a young man but he had gone through a tragedy few can even imagine. what it was. in the attack on his house he lost his father three brothers a sister and his wife. and saw his child get hurt in the most brutal ways after the
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bombing he had sent away for treatment and rebirth his house and his life. i saw him resilient determined to strive for in living and to provide for his family as best he could he owned a small piece of land that he farmed with his brothers providing barely enough for the combined families. he was attentive and affectionate towards everyone and especially towards fido. but i don't want to have this is a feeling i was just overwhelmed. i might have. a shot of him or the both of us know what the best for the shock were all i would say when. i want to hear more on the fashion there was no trace of depression or bitterness just an amazing strength. because you know all of you know. i'm not life from a lot of a lot of. fear and i'm from the you know. the father the good lord my god the
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buffer. of the love them with. the way they can see and ensure their love. but. yet a man was not satisfied with the gaffe i was getting especially her physical injuries that. heikki in a coffin you somehow only understood from. the jack. if you vision. oh i can feel it. here and. not in good condition she need more plastic surgery which we can avoid the plastic surgery if it's more attention from the parents. tapi which is massaging the area. and make. me more
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soft. released very fucked up a stab at me the death the mind. said . to me and said ok and it almost i have to and then when the dark winter. she's been. in town my post had a long time she needs some social workers to call at least twice a month to talk. one to one to talk to the family around who want to. buy into. a mile give out the gifts she had so lovingly bought for the children. she took special care to explain to the children how to use imagination with the pain box. with another.
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one head there. and it brighten everyone's heart to see the little one so excited. that. it is true that there was no trauma ted opposed coming to heal father and her family yet i saw contentment in that home and wondered how people who had lost so much found a way to live on and smile. is a victim was she a victim of our family's economic condition or a victim of the war with israel as we drove back to our hotel i learnt that father lived in a small town called. a poor farm look ality on the outskirts of of oz. there are no peer frauds and no playgrounds. although father's home is on the border the
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entire cause a strip is in a war zone since two thousand and six when hamas won the legislative election and became the governing body in harz or israel and the international community has imposed collective punishment on the people of gaza in the form of blockade restricting the movement of goods and people through land sea and air this has created an economic crisis with eighty percent of harsens being dependent for food on un aid with an average birthrate of six children per woman as a population has reached alarming levels and the infrastructure of cars are cannot support its people more than twenty percent of the population lives in extreme poverty and this is expected to get much worse over the years. unless peace prevails and the blockade is lifted there is no likelihood of life
9:50 am
getting better for the people of or for far. too old. yes m i wanted to bring fire to the hood to have time alone with her when i started to cry a mile didn't have the heart to leave her behind. the pool oh maybe a year or so but. i didn't have the luxury of the hotel room was something new for fun and her sister. i believe this is the first time they go on to your base or. to go to the mike they go jumping on the bed sleeping in the night they never slept on the bed. and they were hungry they took whatever there is to eat they are hungry and they don't thank. you.
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i am using the soup. and the m i connected with the husband michele and sandy hall on skype. just the most of the banks. is never. the least. michaud short fight on her own bike and sang goofy songs from their time together in san diego and suddenly started to remember.
9:52 am
last year. well. how she. ever got that the good. men would. fight as happy smiles show that the child in her was still alive. and a mile had once again succeeded in bringing happiness into her life was really her was the work force it didn't work didn't work on someone. and for the first time in many days i saw my laughing.
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listen to out the yes. yes yes can i say now ready with you. on. that. right. now they are going to close the marriage micah out of the hour. and i said. that it sound you. sound. like i want you not the few who live yeah oh yeah ok this is the exact issue hey if you. want to shoot. the last of the.
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new car that. was if you can't beat the will. and the. oh i think. it. was. a shock. i meet in shock and shock. shock and many of us are just. going yes. it was like the ocean and shallow as she said i was there the country. i guess. saying goodbye to find out was very hard for our mind and trying to
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level with his step mom was frustrating. the area in. that day when i walked out of find us house i phones she may be walking out to find us life. just then an amazing thing happened. find out and on to our car to see a final goodbye to our my. almost joy cannot be described in words. it fresh like in that moment when find us spontaneously express turnoff for a mile she forgot on her frustrations and vowed in her heart to keep trying to make for us life better. she. was
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for. all the fight i may have forgotten moments off a nine month stay in san diego with the mile and michelle she knew these people had a special place in her life. a mud did not go that far as living in a wars. known or how the palestine israel war erodes the rights of everyone especially the rights of generation all she wants is to see her father happy. amar's heart is as big as the gaza see that horse countless sorrows. in the last six years has seen three was and deaths of three thousand civilians including over one thousand children. yet it finds a way to keep on living and to keep on loving. just like the people of gaza the courage strength and dignity will always be for me examples to live by.
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for a man has decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively we've been up we want to present a positive image and to use this to your typical expectation of women for them it's about more than just racing yes you can still be a good a modern woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong people are al jazeera world meets the first female sailing crew in the gulf oman's sailing stars at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back we'll start with the levant and western parts of asia in this forecast and temperature wise all looking very good very warm very pleasant conditions for many terms there are twenty nine in tehran still on the high side for kuwait city
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at forty six degrees heading on through into out wednesday very little change that heat still stuck across q eight central southern parts of iraq down through southern parts of iran run the eastern side the mediterranean looking fine there for beirut in lebanon with temperatures in the upper twenty's down into the arabian peninsula it starts in the western side all fine there from mecca medina with temperatures from indiana reaching forty three degrees on the other side of the peninsula here into how we're looking at thirty nine and still high levels of humidity and the same goes for the rest of the gulf states as we head across into africa is fine across southern areas a pleasant enough day in capetown with temperatures of eighteen degrees heading on through into wednesday not expecting a great deal of change but it will warm up nicely for cape town otherwise we're looking at some pretty unpleasant temperatures thirty four there for when took in the movie are for central parts of africa there are some big showers across central africa public through towards cameroon we're going to see some heavy rain here further so think about it see some heavy showers effectively prevail heise here of
9:59 am
twenty eight. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page that's where they're on line and what produced the u.s. citizens here and what puts people of iraq by one in the same or if you join us on sat i was never put a file then looked at differently because i'm dacogen all the people this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag stream and one of their pitches might make a connection join the global conversation. this time on al-jazeera germany is electing a new parliament polls suggest angela merkel is poised to win a fourth term as chancellor of europe's largest economy with crises in the e.u. and president trump in the white house some call merkel the leader of the free world but the voters here agree watch al-jazeera as germany decides deep in
10:00 am
southern india a secret construction project to spark concerns about the country's growing nuclear capacity if you're saying that enlarging. amid fears of an escalating arms race with its neighbors in order to give the indians big play in there did is intended for china but it's full of indians ball when did you see in the bush that was the so what lies behind india's nuclear. power investigates at this time on al-jazeera. we want to find out why this exeter's is happening. son suchi responds to accusations of ethnic cleansing in me and bob.


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